About Us

Changemakers Society

Changemakers Society is an intimate community where people like you inspire deep transformation for themselves, their family, their colleagues, clients, career, business, local community, organization, and the world.

Our membership is a mix of coaches, consultants, leaders, writers, speakers, educators, therapists, wellness professionals, healers, and compassionate humans. Some of us work in change professions, some of us don’t. Some are members in their 20s, others in their 60s. Some of us own businesses, others are employed.

Our diversity is our strength.
We are a diverse mix of people, from all corners of the globe who want to contribute to a better world. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations, to innovate and evolve.Our community helps you to make a lasting difference in the world (and love every minute of it).

– Changemakers Society Founders

Jayne M. Warrilow

Jayne M. Warrilow

Founder Sacred Changemakers, Coaches Business School, Edgewalker, and Resonant Coach

Jayne Warrilow is the founder of Sacred Changemakers, an innovative movement that believes in change for good. A respected voice in the global coaching industry, she interweaves her business leadership with three decades working in the transformation industry as a coach, consultant, speaker, author, and mentor.

As the CEO of Coaches Business School and the root teacher of Resonant Coaching, Jayne has created a groundbreaking theoretical framework for personal, professional and social impact, as well as many methodologies for their application.

Jayne is one of the world’s most exclusive business coaches and her clients are by invitation and referral only. Jayne has worked with CEOs and senior executive teams around the world, best selling authors, trailblazing coaches, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, millionaires, celebrities, and people who simply want to make a difference.

Born and raised in England, she has worked with leading organizations and individuals in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. Jayne now lives and works out of Columbus, Ohio.

Nicholas Warrilow

Co-Founder Sacred Changemakers, Coaches Business School Creator and LeadFlowPro. Empath.

Nick Warrilow is a Co-founder of Sacred Changemakers, an innovative movement that believes in change for good. Nick is one of those rare people that deeply enjoys all things technical, (from gadgets to Websites and SEO), without having lost his quest for the spiritual.

On a journey involving Catholicism, Transcendental Meditation, drum circles, chanting, Martial Arts, and Modern Buddhism, (to name just a few), Nick has an unusual way of viewing even the mundane parts of life.

Nick is excited about the possibilities of the community and how each person can find their place as a Sacred Changemaker.

As a teacher of Martial Arts, Nick has traveled and taught extensively through Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa, and North America. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio